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Ambassador, Questions and Answers


Everything started when the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina asked agreement for Your Excellency….

Yes, the procedure of appointment was completed at that moment. It took the time because of necessary checks, coordination etc. After appointment in November 2004, started preparations for the group of around twenty ambassadors for new destinations. The preparations took place mostly in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sarajevo (one day all together we spent in Banja Luka), and the others State’s and Entitie’s Institutions. During the preparations was necessary to familiarize with the designated country, as well as with organization of work at the Embassy. The preparations were ended by Final discussion, where the new appointed ambassador needed to present his concept of work at the coming mandate. After Final discussion and other necessary technical details performed, it was possible to move to the destination, where I came at May 03, 2005.


The Letter of Credence Your Excellency presented to H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan on June 12, 2005. What did Your Excellency said on that occasion?

The presentation of the Letter of Credence for ambassador is the event to remember, especially if it is for the first time. Fortunately, I did not wait too long for present the Letter of Credence. The ceremony was organized for eight new come ambassadors at the United Arab Emirates. On that occasion I gave the greetings and best wishes for further prosperity of the people and the President of the United Arab Emirates on behalf of the Presidency and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and me personally. I underlined that good bilateral relation, which exist between our two countries, need to be improved by the visits of high level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Chiefs of State. Also I emphasized the importance of economic and partnership relations’ improvement between two countries. By signing the bilateral agreements it is necessary to make a legal framework for cooperation, followed by concretized contracts of economical cooperation. I encouraged investors from the United Arab Emirates to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the country which is, for certain, on the way of European integrations. I have also said that Sheikh Khalifa is always welcome guest in our country.

The president of the United Arab Emirates thanked on greetings and good wishes and wanted a successful work to the Diplomatic mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the United Arab Emirates. He agreed that the visits of highest level are necessary to straighten existing friendly relationship. He also has supported the idea that investors from the United Arab Emirates need to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the benefit of both countries.


Which will be the direction of activities of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Embassy in Abu Dhabi in purpose to straighten the bilateral relations of two countries?

We will make effort to organize the visits of delegations of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the highest level. The political relations between two countries are very well, there are no open questions, but it is necessary maintain and improve existing level of relations. The highest level visit would be suitable that, along the political discussions, bilateral agreements could be signed and concrete cooperation agreed.

 One of the priorities of the Embassy activities is to make stronger economical relations. The legal frameworks of the economical cooperation are the bilateral agreements. Actually, five bilateral agreements between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Arab Emirates are in different stage of preparation. Some of them have already been initialed, so the final negotiation and signing are necessary to be performed. Certainly, the agreements themselves are not enough, because the contacts of businessmen of two countries are the most important. There are many ways to make these contacts, as official visits, promotions, exhibitions, personal contacts etc. The UAE market is very competitive and choosy, so it is necessary to put great effort to find our place on it, especially because of the reason that our actual presence in this market is minor. The significant result could not be achieved without strong advertisement and well prepared programs. We also have to take in consideration that we have no the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina is presented by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Rome, Italy), so we are on disposal of UAE businessmen for any kind of information of the Bosnia and Herzegovina economy. We will try to present to the potential investors from UAE possibilities of investment in our country, including the ongoing privatization process.

We could not forget the others aspects of cooperation. Our country has a very rich cultural and historical heritage, which we are going to use to straighten cultural relations of two countries. We will use any possibility for representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in numerous cultural manifestations at the United Arab Emirates, as well as that the representatives of the UAE visit cultural manifestations in our country. There are here several eminent sportsmen from our country, especially in football. They are the excellent connection for improve cooperation in sports, promoters of our sport and in same time of our country.

We are trying to make connections of scientific and educational institutions of two countries. We consider as very important cooperation of our Universities with the institutions of High Education from UAE.

In contacts with local businessmen we are making efforts to present the tourist possibilities of our country, in purpose that more people from here visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and learn about beauty of its nature and possibilities in the field of tourism.

All these forms of cooperation are valuable promotion of our country in the UAE and would support development and improvement of the bilateral relations between these two countries.


Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the United Arab Emirates?

Our Diaspora, according to the estimates of the Embassy, has around 300 people. Mostly, they are working and living in Dubai and less number in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. At the other Emirates they are very few. It’s a matter of mostly highly educated persons as doctors, engineers, then sportsmen, coaches etc. Many of them are here for more than ten years. Some of them made their own business and they are very successful. They are very important connection with local businessmen.

The cooperation of the Embassy with our Diaspora so far is very good. We are making effort to meet the needs of our citizens, to be flexible maximally, but according to the current laws and our modest financial resources.  


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