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How to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina


"Our long common history, culture and customs in this beloved, beautiful country together with more than 20 years in this profession, all contributed and supported my efforts to develop modern banking system in Bosnia and Herzegovina."

Mr. Oznur Ozenis,
General Manager of The Turkish Ziraat Bank Bosnia


"On the basis of my previous experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I could with optimism confirm that daring is an important factor of success. The one who dares to take a risk could loos, but the one who does not dare to take a risk has already lost"
Dr Peter Setzer
Director, Volksbank Sarajevo

According to the provisions of the Law on Foreign Direct Investments, foreign investors enjoy the following benefits:

  • exemption from customs duties on investments;
  • unlimited right to open and keep an account in all commercial banks in the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in domestic or any other foreign convertible currency;
  • the right of free and undisturbed foreign transfer of all income realized by investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina in all convertible currencies;
  • equal property rights with all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • protection from nationalization, expropriation, requisition, or measures with similar consequences;
  • the right to employ foreign citizens in accordance with Bosnia and Herzegovina laws on labour and immigration.

You don't need to start your business from the first beginning. You can, within the framework of program of privatisation, bay a company already active in some sectors, with experience in the market and with experienced labor force.  The program of privatisation has in this way expended the possibility for foreign investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In accordance with the relevant legal provisions, a program of privatisation is now occurring at the entity level through the entity privatisation agencies (,

Where to obtain detailed information about modalities of investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Abu Dhabi will be pleased to help you to succeed in contacting with interested partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will be at your disposal to organise your visits to our country.

Foreign Investment Promotion Agency-FIPA  which has been operating within the framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina Council of Ministers since 1999, has the goal to provide needed information to present and future investors, to generate new investments; to improve the image of the country among foreign investors and to follow up, predict and improve the development of a favourable business environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

International Development Agency (IDA) and Investment Guarantee Agency (IGA) provide guarantees for protection from political risks for short-term and medium-term commercial transactions between Bosnia and Herzegovina companies and foreign companies, suppliers and banks.



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