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Who can apply for entry visa?


Consular Section of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Abu Dhabi may issue entry visas for persons who have citizenship or permanent residenc in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Holders of diplomatic or official passports of the United Arab Emirates or the Kingdom of Bahrain are exempted from the visa requirement when entering or traveling through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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How to apply for entry visa?


If you meet common and special requirements you may downloading the application form in PDF format and submit it personally at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Abu Dhabi. Application form you can get and fill in also at the Embassy.  Please make sure that you have answered clearly all of the required on the application form, signed and dated the form, mention right address abroad address in UAE or Kingdom of Bahrain.

Embassy will be open to accept applications between 09:00hrs 13:00hrs, Mandays to Thursday. Please check that you meet the common and special criteria, and that you have enclosed the application form, one recent passport photographs and all original supporting documents. At the Embassy you can get the form and to pay fee at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi which is in the same building as Embassy. We regret, but we cannot accept cash or cheque.

After submitting of application you maybe asked to provide additional  information or documentation and, as last step, you will be asked to come for an interview.

Please notify that following this procedure iwould not be a guarantee that a visa will be issued. Everyones circumstances are different, and you could be asked for additional documents, which help the Visa Officer to issue visa. It is up to you to help that right decision will be made.

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Embassy of  

Bosnia and Herzegovina


        P.O.Box 43362

     (  00971 2 64 44 164

     7  00971 2 64 43 619

Working hours


telephone calls


Manday - Thursday

9:00 do 13:00


Friday and Saturday


What are common requirements?


If you apply for any category of visa common requirements have to be fulfilled:

       Valid passport. The passport should be valid minimum 90 days after the visa expiry date. There has to be at least one page in the passport free for the visa.

       Recent passport photograph. Photograph should be on normal photographic paper, clear and of good quality. Full face need to be shown, without sunglasses and normally without a hat or any other head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious belief or ethnic background. Scanned photographs will be rejected as they are not of sufficiently good quality for visa purposes.

       Visa application. Application form can be get and fill at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Abu Dhabi or download from the application form in PDF format.

       Valid resident visa in UAE or Kingdom of Bahrain for the persons, who are resident in UAE or Kingdom of Bahrain, but have not citizenship of UAE or Kingdom of Bahrain.

       Fees for visa issuance have to be paid by the beginning of application procedure and will not be pay beck to applicant if the application will be refused. Fees for visa issuance by diplomatic/consular offices are:

Single entry visa or transit visa

31 EUR

Multiple entry visa 

57 EUR

Multiple entry over 90 days

           72 EUR


        No objection letter. Regarding international practice, when children under 18 years are travelling alone or with only one parent, from the parent (s) who is/are not travelling, it will be necessary to give permission for the child to be taken abroad.

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What are special requirements?


For the specific category of visa have to be fulfilled special requirements:

For the purposes of private visit shall be additionally submitted:

      Guarantee letter (invitation) by a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina or person who is resident in Bosnia and Herzegovina, certified and stamped by the Ministry of Interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina and by the Municipality where person who make guarantee letter (invitation) is living. This letter has to include details of both, inviting person as well as the invitee (name and family name, address, telephone number, passport number - only of inviting person, Master Number JMBG - only of invitee). Letter has to include declaration of the invitee that all expenses, including accommodation and board as well as expenses of the potential medical treatment will be covered from him/her and also has to include aim of travel as well as kind of relationship between invited person and invitee. Additional family members can be included in the same letter otherwise one person cannot be a guarantor for several persons;

       Letter of the sponsor in United Arab Emirates or Kingdom of Bahrain


For the purposes of business travel:

       Invitation letter by the business partner from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The letter has to include details of inviting person, company which he/she working for, as well as the invitee company (names of the companies, name of the person, addresses, telephone numbers, passport number of inviting person, ID number of invitee company in Bosnia and Herzegovina). The letter has to include the time and place of the meeting, details of the aim of the meeting, kind of business relationship between companies as well as the guarantee that all expenses of the business partner related his stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina and all expenses related the returning from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be covered. The letter has to be stamped by Ministry of Interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina and by the relevant Chamber of Commerce.

       Registration Certificate of Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates or Kingdom of the Kingdom of Bahrain of applicants company.


For the purposes of tourist travel:  

                    Voucher, signed and stamped by a travel agency and Ministry of interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes confirmation of accommodation and board.

         Health insurance.

         Copy of a returning flight ticket

         Money evidence during the stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cash or bank statement. (US$ 50 per day of staying in B&H).     

         Letter of the sponsor in UAE or the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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What the applicant has to now to do avoid misunderstandings? 


  • Guarantee letter/invitation have to be original one and copy, fax or scanned document will not be accepted.

  • Applicant has to apply for the visa in person in the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Abu Dhabi.

  • For entry visa should be apply minimum 15 days prior to the intended departure time.

  • It is not possible to get visa at the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Within 72 hours after arrival in Bosnia and Herzegovina your presence should be register in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the local police. If you arrive at Sarajevo airport or if you stay at a hotel, registration will be settled by the border authorities or hotel. If you arrive via any other entry and stay at a private accommodation, you should take care of the registration by yourself. The registration for one entity is not valuable for the another. For example, if you arrive to Republika Srpska and stay longer than 72 hours there, you will need to register yourself there. If you then continue your stay in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina longer than 72 hours, you will need to register yourself with that entity's police as well.

  • If you are intended to stay longer than 90 days, you should apply for a residence permit (permanent residence) by the local Police Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Consular Offices of Bosnia and Herzegovina abroad cannot handle applications for permit residence.

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