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Spa Tourism in Bosnia & Heregovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina was well known  and popular in the entire region as a destination for health and spa  tourism. Bosnia is apparently derived from an old Indo-European word  ‘bosana’, meaning water. Its certainly one thing there is no lack of  here.

In combination with untouched nature, clean and fresh air, traditional  hospitality and service – many hot and mineral springs in the country  makes Bosnia & Herzegovina a pleasant and right place for those who are  aware of importance of good health in life. These waters successfully  treat cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, stomach illnesses, diabetes,  stimulate and accelerate recovery, help maintain health and improve  stamina, gynaecological deseases, neurosis and neuralgia. This  combination, together with good infrastructure makes this country a  perfect choice for sport teams from all around the world during their  pre-season preparations.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is heavily investing in modernizing its thermal  spas facilities to offer its guests a top quality spas services for only a  fraction of the price of other European countries. With full service facilities available in more than 15 locations there is  always a relaxing spot for a massage or a full range of thermal treatment. Usually  nestled in beautiful surroundings, these health resorts offer true rest  and relaxation, in addition to health care. They are based on hot and  mineral springs and are located in the areas of Olovo, Fojnica,  Bjeljina, Bihać, Srebrenica, Gradačac, Sarajevo, Kiseljak, Laktaši,  Bosanska Dubica, Sanski Most, Teslić, Tuzla, Banja Luka and Višegrad.

From time immemorial there has been a tradition in Bosnia &  Herzegovina by healing with curative thermal waters. The first known  spa was built by the Romans in Ilidza and was then  known as Aqua Sulphurae, located in Sarajevo valley only 8 kilometers away from the very City centre, it was named after the Turkish  word „iladža“ meaning „cure“. The Spa rests under the mountain "Igman", closely to the Spring of Bosna River and nearby a well-known tree alley named “The Big  Alley”. Surrounded with beautiful large park areas, the complex provides  possibilities for an ideal combination of medical treatments and other types of tourism. Ancient Romans once healed their wounds in the hot mineral  waters here. Today, tourists & visitors can visit the spa to enjoy individual  mineral baths, swimming pool, sauna and full body massages.

“One of the prettiest places on the Earth ", as E.B.Lanin wrote about Ilidza in The Contemporary Review in 1894 in London.

Spa centers in Fojnica are famous in the Balkan region. Many sport teams  from the region are doing their season preparations in Fojnica. The one hundered year old tradition of Fojnica spa medical programs is based on geo-thermal healing water. The First visit to the spa  was in 1890, and today you can be enjoy a numerous medical services such as balneo-hydro therapy, electro-therapy, thermal therapy,  kinesis-therapy and mechanic-therapy. When it comes to accommodation  visitors can choose between spa complex Reumal and the charming new build apartment complex Aquareumal.  The Reumal spa guests are under care of a 360 employed professionals consisting of 18 doctors (12 physicians and 5 resident physicians), 2  internists, cardiologist, orthopedist, urologist…), 85 physiotherapists and 40 medical technicians. The Spa closely cooperates with three University  professors, 5-6 endocrinologists of Clinical Centre in Sarajevo,  microbiologist, neurophysicians, radiologist and other experts.

One of the best spa centers in the country is also Banja Vrucica in the town Teslic. The Vrucica spa is a modern health center for ultrasound diagnostics,  prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular and rheumatic  diseases. It is near the town of Teslic, in the very heart of an archeological and historical inheritance area, but also promising future  perspectives largely based on the spa capacities. These mineral springs  were used by the ancient Romans and afterwards the Turks who praised it  as cult. The Spa provides diagnostic-rehabilitation program, complete  laboratory examination, ergonometric testing and the ultrasound  diagnosis on an AKUSON set with built-in color Doppler for treating  cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic and neurological diseases, heart  attack conditions and post-surgical conditions of by-pass operations,  orthopedic and other injuries. The recreational program provides swimming  pools, fitness centre, bowling hall, sauna, underwater massages, and many more.

A famous spa which is bustling with tourists for seeking a cure, is Aquaterm  in Olovo, the focal point of the therapy at this spa is its oligo-thermal  water. It is interesting that exploitation of mineral water in Olovo  area started in year 1982, even it was well-known much earlier. Ivo  Andric, a famous writer, the Nobel Prize winner denoted its importance  in his story “Miracle in Olovo”. Due to the latest intense tourism  developments in this little town, guest visiting “Aquaterm” spa are  provided not only with professional medical treatment, but can also  enjoy rafting down the Krivaja river.

The first written documents confirming healing properties of water coming from the depths in Middle-Bosnia town of Kiseljak  dated back in the 14th century. Its significant medicinal characteristics were  recognized by ancient Romans, and it is interesting that the Kiseljak  mineral water was bottled as „Johanes Brumen“ water  and distributed in markets worldwide back in 1870.

The Spa is located on slopes around the river Lepenica and Kreševka and  dominates the area. Accommodation backbone is Hotel Dalmacija. The spa  facilitates numerous therapy programs and variety of physical treatments  and procedures. Successful treatment results are also achieved with  paraffin therapy using medicinal mud, originating from Klokot nearby  Keseljak.

It is for  certain that the healing water was used by the ancient Romans and  nevertheless, the long tradition continues to present till this day. The climate in  this area is mild continental. The Slatina spa  is situated 206 m above the sea level, 12 kilometers northeast from  Banja Luka City. The Spa surroundings is very pleasant to enjoy with relaxing  walks in cultural parks. The Slatina spa provides various types of  physical therapy such as thermotherapy, phototherapy, electrotherapy,  magneto therapy, laser therapy, vasculature therapy, ultrasound massage  and obligatory mineral waters hydrotherapy, underwater massages and  bathing in three indoor pools. It also provides lymph drainage programs and rehabilitation acupuncture  techniques, all supervised by professional team of physicians,  orthopedists and internists.

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