Embassy of Bosnia & Herzegovina – Abu Dhabi


Economy Overview

Bosnia and Herzegovina stands at East and West’s cultural and geographic confluence, lending it a distinct advantage in the global market. Its enviable position as a crossroads enhances its potential as a trade nexus between Europe and the Middle East. The nation’s varied topography, from dense forests to fertile lands and a slice of the Adriatic coast, complements its economic aspirations. The economy, boasting a significant growth spike and a reconstructed infrastructure, presents an inviting landscape for investment.

Modern Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a promising environment for foreign investment, underscored by a stable currency pegged to the Euro. The strategic economic reforms underway promise an even more conducive climate for business ventures. The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency is a testament to the nation’s commitment to economic advancement, serving as a beacon for investors by demystifying the legal nuances and offering insightful financial analysis.

With a stable monetary policy and a legal system geared towards facilitating investment, Bosnia and Herzegovina is poised for growth, seeking partners in its journey towards economic stability and prosperity without the shadows of its past.

Why Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Strategic location
Natural resources
Vast industry brances
Industrial zones and facilities
Favorable legal environment

Low tax rates
Price competitive labor force
European Union perspective
Stable BAM currency
Regional Free Trade Agreements

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