Studying in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is quickly becoming a draw with study abroad students for its affordability, rich culture and easy access to a dizzying array of outdoor activities. Located in southeastern Europe, it boasts stunning mountain ranges and coastal beaches along the Adriatic Sea, making it not a bad place to call home.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long academic tradition. one of the first institutions of higher education in the South-Eastern Europe was established in Sarajevo in year 1537. During last century Bosnia and Herzegovina has developed a respectable and growing network of academic institutions which began internationalizing since the independence in 1992.

Education system structure

Below is a closer look at the education structure in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Type of school providing this education: Primary school  (osnovna škola)
Length of program in years: 9
Age level from: 6 to: 15


Type of school providing: General  Secondary School, Art School, Theology School (Gimnazija, umjetničke i  vjerske škole), Vocational and Technical Schools (srednje stručne i  tehničke škole)
Length of program in years: 4, Age level 15 to 19
Certificate/diploma awarded: Diploma (Secondary School Diploma)

University level studies

University level first stage: First degree: Diploma Visokog obrazovanja:
Courses leading to the Diploma Visokog obrazovanja last from three to six years.

University level second stage

Second degree: Magister:
Courses leading to the Magister require two years' further study and the defence of a thesis.


University level third stage

Third degree: Doktorat:
The Doctorate (PhD) is the highest  scientific degree. It is the result of independent research. Public  defence of a doctoral thesis is required.

Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina



University of Sarajevo
University of East Sarajevo
University of Banja Luka
University of Mostar
University “Džemal Bijedić” Mostar
University of Zenica
University of Bihać
University of Tuzla
University of Travnik

University of Herzegovina
International University of Sarajevo
Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
International Burch University
American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina
International University of Travnik
International University "Philip Noel Baker“
Faculty of public government
Paneuropean University ApeiroN
Banja Luka College
Banja Luka College of Communications Kappa Phi
High college for applied and law sciences "Prometej"
Slobomir P University
University College of Prijedor
University Sinergija
Open University ApeiroN
High college for business management "PRIMUS"