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Mandatory PCR test on Covid 19 upon entry in United Arab Emirates

Mandatory PCR test on Covid 19 upon entry in United Arab Emirates

The Government of the United Arab Emirates decided that all passengers, before entering UAE, must have a PCR test for Covid-19, regardless of whether they are UAE citizens, authorized persons, tourists, passengers in transit and whether of countries and airlines they are coming.


The test cannot be older than 96 hours.


The obligation to have the test will apply from 1st of August 2020.


The PCR test should be performed in an accredited laboratory or medical institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina that meets the requirements and standards and which state institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina are authorized to perform the PCR test for Covid-19.


Accredited medical institutions and laboratories in Bosnia and Herzegovina for performing PCR test on Covid-19 are:


University Clinical Center, Sarajevo.

University Clinical Center, Tuzla.

University Clinical Hospital Mostar.

General Hospital Dr. Abdulah Nakas.

Cantonal Hospital Zenica.

General Hospital Tesanj.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Institute of Public Health of Republika Srpska.

University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska.

Hospital Sveti Vračevi.

University Hospital in Foča.



On the  09th of August 2020. the Ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation in UAE informed that in addition to the mentioned medical institution, the PCR test will be accepted by all accreditation laboratories in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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